Vittorio Giomo is a creative consultant and forecaster with over 35 years of experience in trend and colour prediction and ideas development.

Through the study and analysis of socio-economic phenomena, he is able to advise clients on current and future trends aiding the advancement of products or brands, whilst generating new ideas and cultivating progressive approaches. His services have ranged from creative development in fashion, textiles, product design, cosmetics and car design, to inventing marketing and communication strategies for companies as diverse as the national lottery.

Originally trained in textile design, at Istituto di Setificio Paolo Carcano di Como, Vittorio has specialist knowledge in all areas of textile development including yarn-dyed, technical fibres, jacquard, print, finishings, activewear, sportswear and fashion. He also has particular expertise in colour for inspiration, and in terms of its history and relation to the evolution of material technology.

The Giomo studio works globally and is based in Milan with close relations to London, Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam, where a network of acquaintances affords a comprehensive monitoring of the European market and culture. Over the years Vittorio has actively supported young or emerging creative professionals through teaching, commissioning work and offering work placements.

He also enjoys nature, prisms, sailing, dogs, and a particular song about rainbows and the wonderful world.